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The Pekoe Trail: Sri Lanka’s Tea Country Trail

The Pekoe Trail, a part of the Serendipity Trails Collection, is a 300km and 22-stage -long-distance hiking trail in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka which traverses the vast network of tea trails that make up the Sri Lankan tea country and encapsulates the essence of the island’s diversity, seamlessly bringing together a uniquely Sri Lankan experience, connecting nature, its people, culture, and heritage.

hiker__walkingASri Lanka Trekking Company Community Based Tourism Organization

Trekking, Hiking, walking, tours from Bandarawela, Haputele, Ella, Nuwara Eliya, Ohiya

Home Stay, Temple stays,  authentic home cooking experience,

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 Sri Lanka is becoming the most popular destination for eco adventure nature loving people because Sri Lanka has something to offer  everyone

Sri Lanka Trekking Company a Community Based Tourism Organization 

Sri Lanka Trekking Company is an outfit specializing in organizing Adventure, trekking, Hiking, Eco, Nature Related activities Expeditions in Sri Lanka. From single to large-scale groups, and the trekking Company  run by Deen  Ceylon Tourist Board tourist guide lecturer-No A/149 a trekking guide and holiday organizer and group of young Nature loving Guides.

 We have more than twenty years experience in the field of trekking as a trekking guide and organizer, working with both tour operators and individual travelers.

Sri Lanka has a wide range of natural environment types, providing a variety of options to suit many interests. The trekker can experience mountains with panoramic viewpoints and spectacular waterfalls. Pine, Eucalyptus and natural rain forests. Both wet and dry grasslands. Tea, rubber, coconut, cocoa and black pepper plantations, rice paddy fields and scrub jungle, local village life and a wide variety of flora & fauna – all possible in a one-day walk.

All of our treks are of gentle to moderate grade across varied terrain and will offer enjoyment to mixed ability groups. For those who seek more of a challenge we can offer tailor made tours to suit specific needs and requirements.

We all agree that hiking is one of the best ways to explore a new country or a new area because it affords us the luxury to stop and smell the flowers, to get to know the locals, and to take in all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Trekking is best attempted initially with someone who has experience or in a professionally led group. Experienced trekking guides can make your hike the most memorable adventure holiday


 Where we start our treks

 Our treks start from Bandarawela, Haputale, Ella or Nuwara Eliya. We will meet you at the pre arranged location 10 minutes prior to the start of a trek. Getting to and from the start/finish points will be your responsibility, alternatively arrangements to collect from/drop to local hotels can be arranged at the time of booking. Your tour may include the use the train or public transport as part of the activity. We always see that the guests are safe and secure in all their adventures and provide the appropriate safety

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 Picnic for trekking

 We provide picnic lunches for our guests on treks of one full day and longer. This consists of sandwiches, home made Sri Lankan sweets and snacks together with seasonal fruits. Drinks are not included.  By prior arrangement, picnics can include hot food cooked on location.

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 Accommodation on the trekking

 We organize Accommodation in Bungalows, Local Houses, Guest Houses and Temples with comfort Whir some time you are the only gust. And like home away home

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Community Based Tourism

 As responsible people we want to have sustainable tourism so not only tour agent and the tourist get the benefit of the place also the village and the local people so we do some social work in this places we visit. and we try to use all the local Community for our work

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 Hiker should always be a nature lover

Hiker should always be a nature lover. We should try our best not to damage the natural environment. Following guide lines provide ‘must do’ ones as well as ‘good to do’ activities for a hiker.

 Never throw or leave behind plastic, polythene or any non-degradable items while hiking.

Always limit carrying non-reusable items while hiking unless absolutely necessary.

If you take such material (plastic bottles, polythene, food wrappers etc.) keep a small area in your backpack to bring them back ‘home’.

Even though items like used paper are degradable, try not to throw them unnecessarily, as they destroy the beauty of the nature.

Use only the marked garbage bins (places like Horton Plains) to throw away your garbage.

After camping or staying at one place, clean the area and make it look better than what it was ‘before you came there’.

If possible collect all the plastic or polythene items you find on your way. In a place like Horton you can always bring them back to Wild life office area and put them in the marked garbage bins.

Simply let your children enjoy the nature the same way you enjoyed!

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 The photos in this web site  are original taken by us and you will see many web sites for trekking use our photos with out our permission.


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